The Hope for Humanity

Nanaia Mahuta is now the Minister of Foreign Affairs In Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Nanaia Mahuta
Nanaia Mahuta

Her role is to facilitate harmonious relationships of her country with the entire globe. She is the first woman to hold this post and the first indigenous woman.

This is hugely significant to the world because it indicates a return to indigenous value systems fitted to our time, the intrinsic recognition of the One reality or Spirit in which everything is happening. The obvious indivisibility of all in the All, the fact of no difference, no separation, in the Totality of being that has emerged into all conditions. Now being noticed by billions as our reality.

This appointment & the US people’s decision that Joe Biden and particularly Kamala Devi Harris are the facilitators of US social policy & democracy, marks a turning to a new world of human harmony, cooperation and collaboration of all in the fact of indivisibility.

This marks the end of colonial cruelty and the dissolving of male orthodox power structures that created the politics of division, destruction and self defeat that have been the normative presumption that civilization and its colonialism created in the common life.

It is no small matter to understand what these victories mean for humanity.

Colonial cruelty and the world wide indigenous genocide from India to Ireland, Africa to Australia caused degradation, desperation, addictions, impoverishment in the indigenous world, so much so that the white world could not see the beauty held in the ancient people, the recognition of the One great reality, spirit, harmony, intelligence of the cosmos. We overlooked it & overlooked indigenous people in their suffering. It was popular to find fault in their suffering as lands were stolen. The false presumption of European inherent superiority was the norm. This old world pattern of fear, of other, of conquest or defeat, blundering of resource and productivity at any cost is an ingrained anachronism. It’s time is ending, forced in humanity through climate chaos, failure of global economies, global agriculture and energy. We have no choice but inherent harmony with Earth’s relational ecologies and peoples.

We enter a new time of no separation, no difference, no fear of “other” as we are shaken by Mother Earth to wake up to our Realty.

To be fair the characters of a dream do not know they are dreaming. They don’t want to wake up. They do not know they are formed by sleep. They don’t even know they can wake up. Until now.

Nanaia Mahuta has the moko kauwae (tattoo) of Wāhine Māori woman power & Spirit Presence.

Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell



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