Mark Whitwell on aggression, abuse, and the war of egos in the post-truth world.

Chandanni Miglino interviews Mark Whitwell

We are now in the “post truth” society.

Yet a general consensus is required for human gatherings to function cooperatively.

The religious consensus of the old world has been thrown out. Even the age of reason & modern science has failed us. Many horrendous mistakes were made on the people with methods that were at the time deemed to be the “truth” in the priesthoods of science & medicine. Even the priests of the economy & public institution that we believed in, that we thought were delivering, like magical temples of religion, have failed us.

Having thrown out the consensus mechanisms that held previous societies together we entered postmodernism, in which all subjective expressions of “my truth” are valid. Or equally so, nothing is true and there is no truth that you can depend upon.

At best the present social ideal is that everyone gets heard with respect. We take into account all points of view and we somehow stumble along to some kind of consensus & bumbling improvement.

However that is not happening. Fueled by social media, each person’s subjective point of view of the “all is true, nothing is true” world is used as aggressive power struggles of individuals over each other, or groups over individuals & other groups.

This mind of humanity that wants to know, control, own everything, therefore kills everything in its path. It is a culture of scapegoating, of blaming “the other” for our woes. We destroy & even kill “the other.” We have reached the point at actually killing our own ecosystems, our selves & taking down other species as we go.

Urgently we offer another consensus view of truth that will save us. It’s this: we are alive as Life. We exist. Existence itself is a perfect wonder, in the vast harmonies of mother nature, her beauty and interdependence. That IS you. You exist. You belong here. You are utterly valid here… the only truth we need. This is such an obvious fact that it is overlooked.

And we have a cultural treasure: the Yogas of participation in the beauty, this existingness that you ARE. Let this truth be sufficient, consensus for human gathering. This embrace of our wonder will correct all that has gone wrong. It’s a promise.

Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell has worked as a Yoga teacher around the world for the last 45 years, and is the author of four books on Yoga.