Here we are on the river boat in Rishikesh crossing Holy waters of Mother Ganga. Beloved Friend Shyamdas. The love for him / from him is unspeakable | Mark Whitwell

Meditation arises as a gift of your non-obsessive asana and pranayama practice. But you cannot meditate as a “thing” in and of itself | Mark Whitwell | Heart of Yoga

“Be with your breath and be with that which is breathing you” | Mark Whitwell

Attempting to surrender or develop faith in a proposed social concept such as God as ‘other’ only keeps the mind busy and stressed | Mark Whitwell

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (1888–1989). “If you practice any of the modern forms of Yoga then Krishnamacharya is your Guru and it would be wise to pay attention to the accuracy of practice that he brought forth from the tantras.” Mark Whitwell

Intimacy is the watchword of Yoga; not detachment, not meditation, not philosophy. The point is: just intimacy | Mark Whitwell

On the rooftop at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandaram many years ago. Sitting in front of an image of Patanjali who summarized everything about Yoga in the Vedas that had gone before | Mark Whitwell | Heart of Yoga

Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell has worked as a Yoga teacher around the world for the last 45 years, and is the author of four books on Yoga.

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